Dietr was a halfling soul residing in the halfling sphere of heaven, the Green Fields in 1372.

During his second confrontation with the lichdrow Lord Dyrr, the Archmage of Menzoberranzan, Gromph Baenre, was physically sent by his enemy to the Green Fields. Here, Gromph met Dietr, who was enjoying his afterlife. However, after meeting with a living being, Dietr was reminded of his mortal life and his loved ones who remained in the Realms, especially his mother in Luiren. So, when Gromph went back to Toril, Dietr followed him.

However, arriving in the Menzoberranzan Bazaar, Dietr, having abandoned the heaven, become a huecuva. Gromph felt no sympathy for Dietr and forced him to go up against the Lichdrow; Dietr was easily destroyed.[1]




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