Digitalogists were wizards in Zakhara who used the unique connection between mathematics and magic to create powerful formulas when they cast spells.[1][note 1]


Due to the immense amount of time spent studying complex mathematical equations, digitalogists were always logical and reasonable individuals.[1]


Digitalogists were considered by many to be the most studious of all wizards. Other wizards viewed them with admiration since only a digitalogist was able to expertly break-down a spell into its functional components in order to make it perform at a higher level of efficiency.[1]


A digitalogist could use the same weapons that regular wizards used. They never wore armor.[1]


These wizards possessed a greater analytical understanding of magic compared to normal wizards. Because of this they were able to cast powerful spells that they would otherwise not have access to until much later.[1]


Digitalogists were precise in their magical administrations. Because of this it took them longer to cast spells and longer to learn new spells. They could only use a magical scroll that was created by another digitalogist.[1]

As with sorcerers, digitalogists chose two elemental provinces in which to specialize and they could not cast magical spells related to the other two elemental provinces.[1]



  1. Digitalogist was a wizard class kit for the Al-Qadim setting.

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