Dimian Ree was the baron of Morov in Damara in 1359 DR.


In 1357 DR, Dimian refused to support the army of the Barony of Bloodstone against Zhengyi, believing it a suicidal effort. However, Gareth Dragonsbane managed to truly defeat the Witch-King, gaining immense support. Dimian worked very hard to regain his support after that move.

In 1359 DR, he had regained his position and was the principal claimant to the throne alongside Gareth Dragonsbane. In order to gain more support, Dimian secretly approached the Grandfather of Assassins.[1]


Dimian was a cruel and ruthless individual, always in search of power and would stop at nothing to achieve it. He claimed to worship Ilmater but this was only a facade to win the allegiance of the Damaran people.[1]


Dimian was distantly related to the royal family. He was a cousin of Tarkos Ree, head of the Tightpurse thieves guild. Dimian's best ally was Baroness Sylvia of Ostel.[1]


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