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Dimon was the tharchion of Tyraturos in the realm of Thay and also a priest of Bane.[2]


Dimon had fairer skin than most Mulan. Blue veins showed across his shaven head. He wore the black gauntlet emblematic of his order.[2]


Dimon housed the council of zulkirs during the war of Thay in 1385 DR. During one of their meetings, Dimon was attacked by the bored Nevron, who conjured an advespa to kill the priest. Suddenly, Bane took possession of his worshiper and endured the attack of the devil, in the end killing it with Dimon's hands. Bane encouraged the zulkirs to fight Szass Tam again at the Keep of Sorrows under cover of the magic-crippling effect of the Spellplague. However, after the god disappeared, Dimon died from the wounds inflicted by the advespa.[3]


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