Dinam was a member of the Dukars of Myth Nantar in Serôs in 1370 DR.[1]


Dinam, on the surface, was a polite, well-mannered, individual but with people he trusted he showed his ribald sense of humor and total trust in his companions. He believed he had been reborn into the Dukars and his goal was to help preserve the Nantarn Alliance great.[1]


Dinam was a noble hailing from Sembia who went on adventures. In 1361 DR, during a voyage over the Sea of Fallen Stars, his ship was attacked by pirates and he fell overboard just north of the Whamite Isles. Dinam woke up in Myth Nantar without memory of his life on the surface. Soon, Qos entrusted Dinam with becoming one of the first Dukars of the Order of Maalirn.[1]

In 1370 DR, Dinam, with his companions Paxas and Ka'ioa'Tara, were guiding ships attacked by Myth Nantar's mythal away from the city and toward the Shipwreck Plains. In one of the ships they discovered surface dwellers.[2]




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