The dire flail was a two-handed, exotic melee weapon that could be used as a double weapon.[1]


A dire flail was essentially two flails mounted on either end of a stout haft shorter than a quarterstaff. The chains that attached the spiked metal balls or metal rods were longer than those of a normal flail but shorter than on a heavy flail. An average dire flail cost 90 gp and weighed 10 lbs (4.5 kg).[1]


The dire flail was a double weapon that could be used as if fighting with two separate weapons when wielded two-handed. The chains of this and other members of the flail family were particularly good for entangling enemy weapons and disarming them. The dire flail could also be used to make trip attacks.[1]

Notable wieldersEdit

Notable wielders of dire flails were:

Notable dire flailsEdit

One form of Kozah's Needle was a three-section bar connected by chains, otherwise known as a dire threshing flail. See Polearm#Special Cases.


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