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Dismal Caverns

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Dismal Caverns
Basic Information
Natives The Howlers
Gravity Normal gravity
Time Normal time
Shape and size Solid mass of stone, permeated with caves and tunnels
Morphic trait Alterable morphic. Each divine realm is divinely morphic
Elemental/energy traits No dominant element
Alignment trait Strongly chaos-aligned and mildly evil-aligned
Magic trait Normal magic
Faith trait None

The Dismal Caverns, also known as the Deep Caverns and Pandemonium, are a great solid mass of rock, permeated with tunnels, caverns and chasms. There is no light and constant winds scream across the tunnels. It is one of the most terrible planes, sometimes more horrible than the Abyss itself. This is the home of four deities:

  • Ghaunadaur: The deity of abominations, a former member of the Drow Pantheon. Following the events of the War of the Spider Queen and fed up with the machinations of the Drow goddess Lolth, it left the Demonweb Pits and created a new divine realm in the Deep Caverns.
  • Great Mother: The deity of all beholders inhabits a great region called the Realm of a Million Eyes. The Great Mother lives in a vast cave under a great amount of vertical shafts, ideal for floating travelers. She eats everything that comes near her reach, even her own sons.
  • Laogzed: Controls the Rotting Plain. He lives on the bottom of a vast cave, filled with putrid lakes and devours everything that thousands of tunnels bring to him. He is a nearly mindless creature.

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