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A displacer beast, also known as a dirlagraun, is a monstrous magical creature.[4]


The beast appears to have originated in the Feywild.[2]

Physical descriptionEdit

Displacer beasts are large cat-like creatures with six legs and a pair of long tentacles sprouting from their shoulders. They are covered in a pelt of blue-black fur. They are usually about 9 feet long and weigh as much as 500 pounds, but the occasional mutant can be twice this size.[3]


Displacer beasts use their innate magic to bend light, making them appear to be a foot or two from their actual positions.[3]


These monsters live in small groups or prefer to be alone.[3] Many humanoids train them to act as guards or pets, such as evil fey and onis.[2]


Like many big cats, displacer beasts are often pack hunters, although they are sometimes encountered alone.[3]


On page 66 of the Monster Manual 3.5, the alignment of the beast is lawful evil, but in the Monster Manual 4th edition, the creatures' alignment has changed to unaligned.[2] In the Monster Manual 5th edition has again become lawful evil.


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