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Divination was a divination spell that was similar to augury but it foretold the outcome should the caster choose to enter a certain area.[5][3][4][2][6]


The oldest version of the spell told of the strength of monsters and the value of treasure in a known area and if the caster would invoke forces of supernatural evil or good if they attempted to enter. It had a fairly good success rate that got better with the caster's ability.[5]

For a later version, the caster inquired about a certain activity or event within the next seven days and received indications about success or failure of the venture. It would also tell if a goal would be advantageous for the caster. It had the same success rate as the previous version.[3][4]

The next version of the spell performed similarly, but with a higher success rate.[2]

The post Second Sundering version of this spell functioned much the same as the previous ones. It could detect future events seven days into the future and give a short answer. However, each casting of the spell before a lengthy rest would induce a greater risk of getting a random answer.[6]


Verbal and somatic components were needed for this spell, as well as incense and sacrificial offerings.[5][3][2][6] The older versions needed gems for more powerful divinations,[5][3][4] while the newer versions required only incense and a suitable offering, together worth 25 gold pieces.[2][6]


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