Dock Ward

The Dock Ward of Waterdeep.

The Dock Ward of Waterdeep is situated on the Great Harbor of Waterdeep. It contains the docks, shipbuilding yards, and warehouses for the sea trade. Compared to the rest of the city it is exceptionally dirty, smelly, and particularly dangerous. In the words of Elminster himself, the Dock Ward is a "riotous, nigh-perpetual brawl that covers entire acres, interrupted only by small buildings, intermittent trade businesses, an errant dog or two, and a few brave watchguards, who manage to keep the chaos from spreading beyond the docks; the whole lot wallowing in the stench of rotting fish."


After the Spellplague the northern section of Waterdeep harbor became delapidated with most of the harbor choked with sunken ship hulls. This section is now known as Mistshore.

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