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Dogs were canines prevalent throughout Toril.[4]


Dogs were a race of both wild and domesticated animals that were found all over the world. They came in a variety of breeds, sizes, and appearances.[4]


They are extremely numerous and have been domesticated for use amongst the humanoid races.[4]


Some of the best-trained dogs are trained by the elven House Korianthil.[5]


A white-furred sled dog breed.[6]
A huge shaggy dog.[7]
A golden-furred sled dog breed.[6]
A black-furred sled dog breed.[6]

Other SpeciesEdit

Frenzy dog 
The creation of an evil druidic spell in the deep forest of Chondalwood.[4]
A cross-breed between a snake and a dog, native to the jungles of Chult and domesticated by the yuan-ti.[4]


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