Doi No Fugu, or Inn of the Globefish, was a famous inn in Maeshi Province in Kozakura in 1360 DR.[1]


The story of the Doi no Fugu started in the famous inn, Nami No Hana, where after the battle of Kyoki the founder of the Akimatsu Dynasty, the semi-legendary Akimatsu Mori decided to go there for dinner. However, the local head chef was brother to a deceased soldier of the army defeated at Kioki and wanted revenge. The chef prepared the first emperor's dinner with some lethal fugu but the apprentice chef Sumitomo Tomy noticed something wrong and alerted the emperor. The would-be poisoner was invited to dine with the emperor, and forced to eat his own cooking.

The emperor wanted to elevate Tomy to noble status but he explained that all Sumitomos were master chefs and changing his status would be a dishonor to the previous generations; he only wanted to finish his training as a chef and maybe one day opened his own restaurant. The emperor understood and departed but later still wanted to give a recompense to the valorous and modest Tomy.

Therefore, when Tomy finished his training, at the emperor's decree he was transferred to Maeshi Province, where he was granted proprietorship of a new inn, the Doi no Fugu. The inn would be always protected by imperial decree. A year after, as the anniversary of the battle of Kyoki the emperor went to eat dishes prepared by Tomy, now a very famous chef. From that episode, the inn prospered, always protected by the emperors.[1]


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