Dolerphus Thongolir IV was a member of the Thongolir noble family of Waterdeep in the mid–14th century DR.[1][2]


He was the eldest son and heir of the family patriarch Bilaerus Thongolir II by 1368 DR[1] and through 1372 DR.[2]

Considered an eligible bachelor for his looks and his family's wealth, Dolerphus grew disgusted by the predatory advances of the dishonest and jaded noblewomen, daughters of rich and ambitious merchants, and courtesans who sought him. Deciding he must look further afield for a suitable wife, in the early 1370s DR he took the unusual step of putting out a public call for a wife, desiring, in his words, a "kind, gentle woman who loves to cook, knows how to ride, won't disapprove of frivolity, hard drinking, or long hours of neglect while I attend to work, and is willing to share my bed." He still went on to promise to make such a woman exceedingly wealthy. This was reported in Waterdeep News.[3]


He was tall and slender, and was thought handsome.[3]



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