Dominate person, also simply known as domination,[5][7] granted the caster control over the actions of a humanoid creature.[8][9]


Casting dominate person on a person could give complete control of that person while on the same plane. The caster could command the person to "Move there", "Attack", "Fetch" and the charmed person would attempt to follow its orders to its best ability. The spell could last days if cast by a powerful spellcaster and only those very strong of will could break the spell.[4] but that changed after the Second Sundering where the spells lastability was based on what level the spell was cast with, to a max of 8 hours.[9]


Only verbal and somantic components where needed for the casting of this spell.[9][4]


The Netherese arcanist Prug was given the credit for the creation of this spell in -1874 DR. It was originally known as Prug's dominate.[1] Dominate person was a common spell in the Realms in the 1360s DR.[10]

In general only evil spellcasters used this spell. In many places, such as Waterdeep the use of this spell was illegal and considered magical assault.[11]


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