The Dominion of the Burned was a small and isolated tribe of savage firesoul genasi who lived in the ruined fortress of Glaur.[2]


Genasi members of the Burned believed themselves the original strain of their race, created by the primordial Nehushta long ago to serve as her slaves. Genasi from other regions believed the Burned to be a degraded strain instead, one that could not survive without the use of the Birthing Furnace. Although the Burned were composed only by genasi of the firesoul manifestation, it was rumored that in the distant past the tribe have had members of all manifestations.[2]

Regardless of the truth, the members of the Dominion of the Burned had lived in the fortress of Glaur for thousands of years before the Spellplague sent Laerakond to Toril.[2] In 1469 DR, Brindol became the leader of the few Burned who survived an anaxim invasion. Under his leadership, the Burned were able to conquer the small section of Glaur known as the "Dominion of the Burned".[1]

Membership Edit

The Burned was composed only of genasi of the firesoul manifestation. This was due all members of the Burned were sterile, unable to replenish their numbers normally. To survive, the Burned depended on the use of the artifact known as the Birthing Furnace.[1]



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