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Doom of Daggerdale is a Forgotten Realms adventure published in 1993 by TSR, Inc. It is designed for four to six characters of levels 1–3.

Randal Morn certainly has his hands full! The temple of Lathander, which burned to the ground eight years ago, seems to be the source of a curse affecting the entire town. People are taking ill, animals are dying overnight, crops are failing. All this seems to have started after Eragyn, priestess of Cyric, disappeared from Daggerdale. Shortly before that, a forgotten mage-lord's crypt was discovered and opened; things just haven't been the same since.

Constable Tren is displeased with the situation, what with suspicion being cast in the Zhentarim's direction as well as toward Cyric's priesthood. He's undoubtedly making the Dalesfolk's lives more difficult than usual because of this upheaval. Randal has sent out the call for aid to all who are interested and able to help; his freedom riders have their hands full already.

A missing evil priestess, a mage-lord's crypt-curse, a plague, and possible Zhentarim involvement: all the elements of a rousing adventure in one place! Where do your characters sign up? Step right this way, won't you?

This is the first module created for use with the revised Forgotten Realms® Campaign Setting. However, it is not necessary to have that edition in order to play this adventure.



BorontColderan MornDulwarEli MarshkingEragynFire's rageFulgathFranterHiramKesslaLarkell GreenspringLoudanMaraMara TrollsbloodMarabelleMarraktNorbanOlavia TsardruynOmellaPuckRandal MornRed MorganReiner TrallTharwin One-eyeThorginnTren NoemforTrover
Referenced only
BelesariaDorn the GrimElshar KurlTethyamar


Animated objectBatBeastmanBlack bearBlack puddingBloodhawksBrown bearDog DrowDwarfEagleFire beetleGoblinHalf-elfHalf-orcHook HorrorHomunculusHorseHumanHorseJermlainesMobatNixieOgreOrcOsquipOxSkeletonWood Wose
Referenced only


Buildings & Sites
Broken DaggerConstable's TowerCrypt of the Mage-LordEagles' EyrieFulgath's Caravan SuppliesOld Dulwar's LeatherworksRed RockTeshford Arms
Dagger Falls
River Tesh
Material Plane
Referenced only
Border ForestDesertsmouth MountainsMines of TethyamarMorningdawn HallTwisted TowerUnderdarkZhentil Keep

Magic itemsEdit

net of dreamsolarring of feather fallring of thorns


Big Belly tribeClan BrightbladeMorn family
Freedom RidersZhentarim


Altar of the Last StandLathander's Light
Referenced only


wall of thorns
Referenced only


DethekDream FeverHerbarium MaleficumThe Iron GloveLathander's RedMastering the UnseenOn the Aspects of Dreams, Or the Dreamer's Travels in Planes Lesser and GreaterPerfection and the Craft of Lasting Magic



  1. The date for the burning of Lathander's Light (8 years ago) matches The Dalelands (sourcebook) thereby placing them in the same year.

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