Doomsayers are specialized warlocks of the star pact, who delve into the maddening knowledge of the Far Realm willingly. With this eldritch lore, doomsayers can enhance their powers and affect the fate of others, issuing dark proclamations of doom that all too often prove to true. Doomsayers are not necessarily evil, but they are all dangerous.[1]


Doomsayers are deadly warlocks to cross, gaining arcane power from beyond the eyes of even the gods. Even warlocks who have only begun to learn the ways of a doomsayer are deadly, cursing their enemies with deadly effect. These same doomsayer initiates learn to enhance their fearsome reputation, making them terrifying even without the full breadth of their power and making it all the more difficult for enemies to retain their courage whilst in battle with then. With further training, even injuring a doomsayer can be dangerous, as the warlocks channel their pain into horrific power that strikes fear into the hearts of their foes. [1]

Doomsayer spells, as one might expect, focus primarily on using fear itself as a weapon. For instance, the advanced spell long fall into darkness fills an enemy with the terrifying impression that they are falling through a dark, deep pit, causing the same ill effects on them as though they were in fact. Another doomsayer spell is accursed shroud, which allows a doomsayer to throw a blanket of magical darkness onto their foe. However, rather than blinding the doomsayer’s enemy it twists and coils around them, interfering with their ability to fight back. [1]


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