Dorgar Adarbrent is an old Waterdavian noble with a strong interest in preserving Waterdeep's traditions. He gives monetary support to old nobles who are down on their luck. Dorgar is often seen wandering the paths in the City of the Dead. Although he is known as Lord Adarbrent there is no indication that he's an official Lord of Waterdeep.[1]


In his youth he fell in love with a young noble girl. They were arranged to be married but she died of the fever when both she and Dorgar remained in Waterdeep to aid others during a plague.

In 1479 DR, a rich merchant named Rampage Stunk bought several old tombs with the goal of tearing them down to construct his own massive tomb. Unfortunately, one of the tombs was Dorgar's fiancee's. In his anger, Dorgar used a necromantic spell from a spellbook belonging to a long-dead cousin to wake the dead and cause them to haunt Stunk's mansion. The spell was more powerful than Dorgar anticipated and things soon got out of hand.[1]

A young wizard named Gustin Bone and his friend Sophraea Carver tracked the curse to Dorgar and he showed them how to reverse the spell and send the dead back to their tombs. As punishment for his actions, the ghost of one of Dorgar's long-dead ancestors decreed that Dorgar could not be buried in the family tomb. The punishment was irrelevant because Dorgar had long ago purchased a small plot next to his fiancee's tomb as his burial place.[1]


Although kind at heart, Dorgar has a fiery temper.


Dorgar always dresses in black.


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