Dormythyrr was the acting steward of the Duchy of Brandiar in Damara in 1359 DR.


Dormythyrr was a simple farmer when the armies of Vaasa devastated his land, killing all the local nobles.

In 1357 DR, Dormythyrr led his fellows to create an army in order to support Gareth Dragonsbane against the minions of Zhengyi. He gained the friendship of Gareth and the hearts of his people that day.

In 1359 DR, Dormythyrr was the provisional ruler of the Duchy and all people believed he would become the next duke.[1]


Dormythyrr was a brave, handsome, and very wise individual. He always pondered his decisions, being guided by common sense. Dormythyrr truly cared for his land and the people that lived in it. For this, he supported Gareth totally.[1]


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