Dornal Whitebeard was an agent of the Lords' Alliance in the Moonsea in 1489 DR.


Dornal was a gregarious old dwarf with a hedonistic demeanor. He enjoyed the finer things in life and always smiled.[3]


Dornal born in a wealthy family of Waterdeep but soon he left in search of adventures.[1]

Dornal was possibly involved in the case of dracoliches and ghost ship roaming the Moonsea. He said that the Alliance's main concern was that the merchant Gilfron Milon should arrive safely in Phlan.[4] In 1491 DR he resurfaced in Mulmaster asking to the adventurers to indagate about the disappearance of a girl, daughter of Zor Serge Affapanov, a Lords' Alliance possible ally in predicate to enter in the Blades soon.[2] Later together with Zor Garwyl Gos hired an adventuring party to instigate a mysterious storm scorching the Monastery of the Yellow Rose.[3]




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