Dornavver was a master sword-smith of the 3rd century DR, who forged the legendary sword Dornavver, the "Demonbane".[1]


To counter the growing spread of evil under the Shoon Imperium and a plethora of evil artifacts fashioned at the time, the Church of Ilmater sought a weapon to combat such evil. To this end, Dornavver forged for them a bastard sword, with a multicolored blade of an unknown alloy and a silver-plated crosspiece. The symbol of Ilmater was etched into the pommel. This sword was completed in the Year of the Wrath Sword, 275 DR. It was named Dornavver after the smith.

On the night of the Feast of the Moon that same year, senior clergy of Ilmater took the sword to Allyn's Anvil in the Alimir Mountains east of Calimshan, where they enchanted it in an impassioned ritual. These events were documented in the tome Relics of the Righteous.[1]


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