Dornig Leiyraghon was the Lord of House Leiyraghon and one of the seven councilors that ruled Melvaunt in 1372 DR.[1]


Dornig led his house to bring down House Marsk and House Natali, breaking the stalemate that had frozen the town in previous years. However, instead of claiming dominion over all the city, Dornig proposed a system to nominate a Despot of Melvaunt from the seven great Houses every two years.

In 1372 DR, Dornig's son Kalman Leiyraghon went on adventures with some friends and disappeared. However, sensing a trap, Lord Leiyraghon would not speak with the adventuring party hired by Lord Woarsten Nanther to find the noble scions.[1]

However, after the adventuring party came back after defeating the orog warlord Thrull inside the Xûl-Jarak citadel in Thar, and rescued the scions, Dornig insisted on hosting a great party to celebrate the heroes.

However, his son Bremen in truth had orchestrated the capture of his brother. He and his friends, together with the surviving orog commander Daazlag, attacked the party. In the fighting Dornig was hit and was on the verge of death.[2]


Dornig had two sons, the heir Bremen Leiyraghon and his younger brother Kalman.[1]



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