Dorothea Linkletter (née Nacht), was a female human living in Neverwinter around 1479 DR, serving as one of the architects of Lord Dagult Neverember before she became involved in the plots of Rhazzad.


Dorothea was a renowned architect who came to the city at Lord Dagult Neverember's behest to help in the rebuilding. She was one of the main designers of the Seven Suns marketplace and the Manycoins bank.

Here, in 1473 DR, she met Josef Linkletter, a native journeyman stonemason. Dorothea and Josef soon fell in love and married. After a brush with the law, Josef was recruited into the guard by Sergeant Knox.

However, in 1479, illness clouded the Linkletters' happiness: Dorothea became afflicted by the spellplague and the malady kept the formerly outgoing woman in her home for months. Out of desperation, Dorothea and Josef approached the unorthodox wizard Rhazzad, known for studying the matter. He gave Dorothea a potion that seemingly controlled the illness, though she sometimes transformed into a monster when she became highly emotional and only more of Rhazzad's medicine could restore her.

After one violent episode, Josef recruited the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge to transport his wife to the wizard's tower for more regular treatment. In truth, however, Rhazzad sought not to cure the plaguechanged victims in his tower but to exploit their nature for power. When the truth was revealed Josef Linkletter attacked his tower but was transformed into a monster himself.

After the Heroes of Sleeping Dragon Bridge killed Rhazzad and freed Dorothea and Josef from his control, the two joined Scar Company to protect the city from the threats within the Chasm.[1]



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