Double Diamond Triangle Saga is a series of nine novellas written by various authors and published by Wizards of the Coast in 1998. The setting of the series travels from Waterdeep to the Utter East and back again.

Double Diamond Triangle SagaEdit

  1. The Abduction by J. Robert King (February 1998)
  2. The Paladins by James M. Ward and David Wise (February 1998)
  3. The Mercenaries by Ed Greenwood (February 1998)
  4. Errand of Mercy by Roger E. Moore (February 1998)
  5. An Opportunity for Profit by Dave Gross (March 1998)
  6. Conspiracy by J. Robert King (April 1998)
  7. Uneasy Alliances by David Cook and Peter Archer (May 1998)
  8. Easy Betrayals by Richard Baker (June 1998)
  9. The Diamond by J. Robert King and Ed Greenwood (July 1998)

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