Doublecoin was a divine magic spell granted to specialty priests of Waukeen. It created an exact duplicate of a coin or other small metal disk, but with a chance for producing many more such duplicates at the cost of the caster's health.[1]


The target of this spell had to be touched by the caster and it was completely consumed as part of the process. This also destroyed any enchantments on the coin. In its place, two new coins appeared, identical in appearance, weight, and composition, including any flaws, scratches, markings, or other non-magical characteristics. The replacements were both physically indistinguishable from the original and from each other.[1]

Every time this spell was cast, there was a chance that the goddess would be "generous" and produce up to two dozen additional duplicates if the caster did not resist the magic of this spell. If this happened, the caster permanently lost a small amount of his or her health.[1]

This spell only worked on metallic coinage or coin-like objects. If cast on paper money, wooden trade tokens, gems, or specie made with a combination of metal and non-metal materials, the spell fizzled.[1]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required one metal coin or disk to be duplicated. The original coin or disk was consumed in the casting.[1]


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