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Dougan's Hole is the smallest of the Ten Towns in Icewind Dale, with a population of around 100 some time around the 1360s DR, most of them fishermen[2]


The town is located on the western shore of Redwaters, southwest of Good Mead. Two piers jut out into the lake: the Short Pier and the Long Pier. A gravel path marks the northern edge of the settlement.[2]

Directly to the south of Dougan's Hole on a small hill is a huge megalith composed of twenty granite slabs formed into an equilateral triangle. This megalith is known as the Twenty Stones of Thruun, named for a long-dead god. The purpose or creator of the stones is unknown.[2]


The Spokesman of Dougan's Hole ca. 1360s DR was Freya Grynstead, the widow of the previous spokesman who had died while fishing out on the lake. Freya lived in a house in the middle of town connected to the fishhouse by a boardwalk.[2]


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