Draegan Guldar was a daywalker vampire and a low-ranking member of the Night Masters, the cabal of vampires who led the Night Masks.[1]


Draegan was a beautiful man who possessed a physique like a cleric of Sune. His strong jaw, blue eyes, and long chestnut hair attracted many women in brothels and dance rooms.[2]


Draegan was the heir of the noble House of Guldar in Westgate. He was the grandson of the patriarch Dathguld Guldar. He had no interest in the family's business and focused his attention on parties and luxuries. He began hosting parties after he was expelled by the most elegant brothels of the city for his excesses.[1]

Draegan met Dahlia Vhammos at a fateful dinner. The Duchess decided to make him her slave vampire, but in accordance with Orbakh's wishes, Dahlia also used the young Guldar for an experiment. Thanks to a discovery made by the Duchess on Gulthmere, Draegan became a weak daywalker vampire. He could live in sunlight for a short time.[2]

Thanks to this new power, nobody suspected any change in Draegan, but he subtly manipulated his noble family in order to fulfill the plans of the Night King. He was also responsible for the smuggling activities of the guild, and used his parties as a cover for meeting with his subordinates.[2]



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