Draethren Tanthul was one of the Princes of Shade and the best sorcerer of Thultanthar.[1]


Draethren usually worked at the warded tomb of Anlathgrus.[1]

In 1487 DR, Draethren was assigned by his father Lamorak with the task of altering the life-drain spell that sustained the city. During this task, Draethren sensed something wrong and so decided to speak with Telamont Tanthul. However, Aglarel Tanthul refused Draethren admittance to the Most High's chambers.[1]

At last, Telamont himself decided to speak with Draethen. Telamont explained that the city was moving and that this had altered the spell that Draethren was using. Telamont also explained to Draethren that he knew well about Draethren's treasonous plots like his brother to usurp the power of the High Prince himself.[1]


Draethren was a son of Lamorak Tanthul. Draethren's elder brother Tantoras Tanthul died in a supposed accident, but in truth he was killed by Telamont for his plotting against the Most High.[1]



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