Dragon+ issue 3 was released on August 13, 2015. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Introducing Rage of DemonsEdit

Unknown author

An introduction to the Rage of Demons storyline.[template]

Ways to Play Rage of DemonsEdit

Unknown author

A short preview of three Rage of Demons products: Out of the Abyss, Sword Coast Legends, and Archmage.[template]

Interview: R.A. SalvatoreEdit

Unknown author

An interview with R.A. Salvatore.[template]

Unwrapping Sword Coast LegendsEdit

Unknown author

A more in-depth feature preview of Sword Coast Legends.[template]

Sword Coast Adventurer's GuideEdit

By Steve Kenson

A preview of the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide, including an interview with designer Steve Kenson.[template]

Community: Underdark Spell ComponentsEdit

Unknown author

A collection of alternate spell components used in the Underdark, selected based on reader suggestions and illustrated.[template]

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