Easily the most powerful creatures native to the Material Plane, dragons hold a unique position in relation to the powers beyond that plane. Those who become dragon ascendants, such as Tchazzar[1], quest to transcend the limitations of material existence, rising above all other dragons to become nothing less than deities themselves. Their progress through the levels of this class represents their advancement toward their ultimate goal, and they become increasingly godlike as they advance.

Most dragon ascendants have not previously gained class levels, but all are dragons of considerable age and power. A few dragon clerics, paladins, and blackguards move into the dragon ascendant prestige class when they reach sufficient levels of power. Members of other divine prestige classes (the dispassionate watcher of Chronepsis, the sacred warder of Bahamut, and the unholy ravager of Tiamat) sometimes also choose the path of divine ascension to become more perfect servants of their deities.

Dragon ascendants are proud and typically aloof. They view travel along the path toward divine ascension as a race, and do not choose to share the road with others on the same course. On the other hand, they often have followers and allies who support them on their quest, and they work more freely with lesser dragons and non-dragons than other dragons do.


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