Dragon magazine 10 was released in October 1977.

D&D VariantEdit

Too much loot in your campaign? D&D OPTION: ORGIES, INC.Edit

By Jon Pickens.

Jon Pickens describes techniques for a Dungeon Master to remove excess gold from player characters in this article using 1st edition Dungeons & Dragons rules.[2]

Random MonstersEdit

By Paul Montgomery Crabaugh.

This article has rules for randomly creating new and interesting monsters using 1st edition Dungeons & Dragons rules.[3]

Weights & Measures, Physical Appearance and Why Males are Stronger than Females; in D&D.Edit

By P.M. Crabaugh.

P.M. Crabaugh presents rules for differentiating between males and females in the 1st edition Dungeons & Dragons game in this article.[4]

Gaining a New Experience Level.Edit

By Tom Holsinger.

In this article, Tom Holsinger discusses the physical and psychological aspects of player characters gaining experience in 1st edition D&D.[5]

Design ForumEdit

Designing For Unique Wilderness Encounters.Edit

By Daniel Clifton.

This is an article giving tips on crafting interesting geographic features to wilderness encounters in the D&D game using 1st edition rules.[6]

Let There Be A Method To Your Madness.Edit

By Richard Gilbert.

The author Richard Gilbert describes methods of adding realism to dungeon designing.[7]


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