Dragon issue 115 was released in November of 1986. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Tools of the (Thieving) TradeEdit

By Vince Garcia. pp. 34-36

Specialized equipment for thieves and how to use it.[template]

Hammer of Thor, Spear of ZeusEdit

By James A. Yates. pp. 38-40

Introducing the concept of favored weapons for 1st edition clerics of many different deities.[template]

Sharper Than a Serpent's ToothEdit

By Ray Hamel and David Hage. pp. 42-45

This article presents a variety of constrictor and venomenous snakes.[template]

Rock pythonram pythonboa constrictoranacondaringed snakesaw-edged scaled snakeking cobrablack mambaGaboon viperrattlesnakeflying snakesea snakespitting snake

Airs of Ages PastEdit

By Ed Greenwood. pp. 46-47

This article describes nine magical harps from Myth Drannor's long-lost time of glory.[template]

Azler's HarpMethild's HarpEsheen's HarpNithanalor's HarpDove's HarpZunzalor's HarpJhantra's HarpRhingalade's HarpValarde's Harp

The Ecology of the Harpy: Songs of beauty...Edit

By Barbara E. Curtis. pp. 50-52

A detailed look at the life and abilites of the vile harpy...[template]

The Ecology of the Harpy: ...Songs of deathEdit

By Ed Greenwood. pp. 52-54

...and her appearance in the Realms and some more lore recounted by Elminster.[template]

TSR Profiles: ROGAR of MOORIAEdit

p. 82

A humorous look at the history and activities of game designer Roger E. Moore.[template]

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