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Dragon magazine 12 was released in February 1978.

D&D VariantEdit

A New Look at IllusionistsEdit

By Rafael Ovalle.

This article gives interesting ways to make illusionists more effective in terms of spells and abilities using 1st edition Dungeons & Dragons game rules.[2]

Ship's Cargo.Edit

By James Endersby and John Carrol.

Endersby and Carrol have created a nice chart of ship supply cargo, such as ivory, precious stones, and livestock with gold piece values. This diagram can help with any characters playing in a high seas adventure in 1st edition D&D.[3]

Design ForumEdit

Some Thoughts on the Speed of a Lightning Bolt.Edit

By James Ward.

James Ward gives his theories on the power and speed of magic-users versus the strength and endurance of fighters based on the 1st edition sourcebook Eldritch Wizardry by Gary Gygax and Brian Blume.[4]


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