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Dragon magazine 128 was released in December 1987.

Welcome to WaterdeepEdit

By Ed Greenwood.


The environs of the Realms' City of Splendors.[1]


AmphailArdeep ForestGaustar's CreekGoldenfieldsHouse of StoneMaiden's Tomb TorMount HelimbrarMount SarRassalantarRat HillsRiver DessarinSarcragSelpirStump BogZundbridge

To Believe or Not to BelieveEdit

By W. Todo Todorsky. Illustrated by Joseph Pillsbury.


The spell-casting tactics of the school of illusion.[template]

Plane SpeakingEdit

By Jeff Grubb.


Concerning the creatures of the negative quasi-elemental planes.[2]


Ash quasi elementalDust quasi elementalSalt quasi elementalVacuum quasi elemental


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  2. Jeff Grubb (December 1987). “Plane Speaking: The (Negative) Quasi-Elementals!”. In Roger E. Moore ed. Dragon #128 (TSR, Inc.), pp. 57–58.

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