Dragon magazine 129 was released in January 1988.


Arcane Lore: Magic of the Dwarven PriestsEdit

By Len Carpenter.

A look at dwarven magic.[template]

Spell alterationsEdit


Children of the Spider GoddessEdit

By Eric Oppen.

A look at drow society and adventuring motives.[template]

Give Demi-humans an Even Break!Edit

By John R. Prager.

Methods to redress the perceived unfairness of playing demi-human PCs in the AD&D game.[template]

Don't Sell Them Short!Edit

By Peter Dosik.

An article on halfling guardians.[template]



Entering the Drider's WebEdit

By C.E. Misso.

Explaining what happens to a drow during transformation into a drider.[template]


The Dragon's Bestiary: Colder than iceEdit

By Dean Shomshak.

A collection of creatures related to cold.[template]


Who's in charge here?Edit

By Bryan Caplan.

"Pyramind power" and leadership in the AD&D game.[template]

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