Dragon magazine 176, Secrets of the elven folk, was released in December 1991.[1]It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Servants of the SeldarineEdit

By Chris Perry. p. 11-15

Specialty priests of the elven gods.

If You Need Help - Ask the Drow!Edit

Good-aligned drow? Visit Undermountain's temple of Eilistraee.[2]

By Ed Greenwood and Steven E. Schend. Cartography by Diesel. Artwork by Bob Giadrosich. p. 16-24


Promenade of the Dark MaidenSkullportUndermountain
Iljrene AhhruynElkantar IluimArrikett UruthQilue Veladorn

TSR PreviewsEdit

By Uncredited. p. 52

New products for December.

Interview: R.A. SalvatoreEdit

By Marlys Heeszel. p. 97

Trading card feverEdit

By David Wise. p. 100

A look ahead to the 1992 series AD&D Trading Cards.


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