Dragon issue 179 was released in March of 1992. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Picture This!Edit

By Nigel D. Findley. pp. 10-14

This article features magical paintings, two of them by wizard-bard Glorindel of Waterdeep.[template]

7 Enlightening LanternsEdit

By Stephen Giles. pp. 26-30

This article describes seven lanterns imbued with magic powers by Faerûnian wizards.[template]

Wonders of the Land of FateEdit

By Jeff Grubb. pp. 66-77

This article has new magical items and item variants from Zakhara as well as item tables for the Al-Qadim campaign.[template]

Magical weaponsEdit

Magical armorsEdit

Potions, philters, and oilsEdit



Rods, staves, & wandsEdit

Miscellaneous magical itemsEdit

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