The Dragon issue 19 was released in October 1978. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

A Compendium of Diverse D&D Player Personalities, or A Pigeonhole for Nearly Everyone You Ever Adventured WithEdit

By Mike Crane. p. 9

A list of eight different personality types the author has encountered during his time playing D&D.

The Lowdown on WishesEdit

By Kevin Thompson. p. 14

Advice on how to deal with wishes the PCs make.

Design Forum: Planning Creative TreasuresEdit

By Dave Schroeder. p. 15

Talks about connecting treasure to its 'guardian' (a disguise kit for an assassin) and how they can be used as story hooks for future adventures.

Charts for Determining the Location of TreasureEdit

By Ronald Guritzky. p. 27

Simple treasure / trap location tables.

Spell Determination for Hostile Magic UsersEdit

By Steve Miller. p. 27

A system for determining the magical arsenal of enemy wizards.



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