Dragon issue 190 was released in February of 1993. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

The Game Wizards: Volo goes to townEdit

By Ed Greenwood. pp. 81-82

This article lets Volothamp Geddarm (and Elminster) speak about Volo's Guide to Waterdeep and some Waterdhavian features like the Silent Shield and its Floating Helm.[template]

Sounds of Wonder & DelightEdit

By Jeff Grubb. pp. 84-88

This article describes musical and magical instruments for the Al-Qadim setting.[template]

Stringed instrumentsEdit


Wind instrumentsEdit


Percussion instrumentsEdit

DarbukkahElephant drumsJahlahNaqqarahQaraqibQas'ah baladiRiqqSajatStorm bell and storm gong • Tabl

Instrumens of the jannEdit

Nay of the djinnRiqq of the efreet'Ud of the maridsRababah of the daoQanun of the spiritsTakht of the jann

Unique UnicornsEdit

By Michael John Wybo II. pp. 90-94

This article presents twelve variants of the unicorn.[template]
AlicornBay unicornBlack unicornBrown unicornCunnequineFaerie unicornGray unicornPalomino unicornPinto unicornSea unicornUnisusZebracorn

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