Dragon issue 211 was released in November of 1994. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

First Quest: Mammals and DinosaursEdit

By Jeff Grubb. pp. 8, 22

Jeff Grubb's early experiences with role-playing games, some of which influenced the Forgotten Realms.[template]

Sight in the DarknessEdit

By Roger E. Moore. pp. 16-22

An in-depth look at infravision and its uses in a campaign.[template]

"I Sing a Song by the Deep-Water Bay"Edit

By Steven E. Schend. pp. 29-34

Laeral Silverhand shares knowledge about the Harpers within Waterdeep with Steven E. Schend.[template]

Topkapı PalaceEdit

By Steve Kurtz. pp. 60-66

A description of the Topkapı Palace in Istanbul and how to draw ideas for campaigns like Al-Qadim from it.[template]

The Wizards Three: A Night of ShadowsEdit

By Ed Greenwood. Artwork by Dan Burr. pp. 82-86

The archmages Elminster, Mordenkainen of Oerth and Dalamar of Krynn exchange spells in Ed Greenwood's house.[template]


Belsham's maceFalling wallBattlecurseArgastar's cloak of shadowsOthnal's spectral daggerSphere of eyesJonstal's double wizardryValiancyJonstal's improved double wizardry

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