Dragon issue 214 was released in February of 1995. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

First Quest: Hats off to adventureEdit

By Harold “Wisconsin” Johnson. pp. 8, 70

Harold “Wisconsin” Johnson's early role-playing experiences, which lead to a number of contributions for the Dragonlance setting.[template]

The Complete Half-ElfEdit

By Greg Jensen. Artwork by Daniel Horne. pp. 10–15

13 kits for multi-classed half-elven characters for the 2nd edition.[template]


ShadowbladeMilitary scoutCrusaderWilderness avengerSpellarcherAristocratRescuerArcanistGuild magePrestidigitatorRedeemerDilettanteDiplomat

The Ecology of the NeogiEdit

By Jon Winter. Artwork by David O. Miller. pp. 52-58

A detailed look at the life and society of the spider-like neogi, the wicked so-called demons of the Flow, scourges of spelljamming folk everywhere.[template]

The Game Wizards: Solitaire SPELLFIRE game rulesEdit

By Bruce Nesmith. p. 66

A solitaire rules variant for the SPELLFIRE card game to play alone and test decks.[template]

Lost EmpiresEdit

By David Howery. Artwork by Bob Klasnich. pp. 72-77

Background information about the mythological empires of Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu and how to use it in the Forgotten Realms setting in the form of the lost island of Atalya between Faerûn and Maztica.[template]

Nasty TricksEdit

By Bruce Nesmith. pp. 82-84

Tricks and strategies to devastate your opponent in the SPELLFIRE card game.[template]

The Ecology of the OwlbearEdit

By Jon Winter. Artwork by David O. Miller. pp. 86-92

A detailed look at the life and habits of the owlbear, a deadly predator, including two new varieties.[template]


Arctic owlbearWinged owlbear

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