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Dragon issue 219 was released in July of 1995. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

At Sword's PointEdit

By Chris Williams. Artwork by Michael Scott. pp. 10-14

How to create adventures where swashbuckling heroes take centre stage.[template]

Out of ArmorEdit

By Alison Brooks. Artwork by Eric Anderson. pp. 20-24

Considerations, new rules and rule variations for the 2nd edition to accomodate swashbucklers and other lightly armored fighters.[template]

Pirate Crews and RetinuesEdit

By James R. Collier. Artwork by Bob Klasnich. pp. 26-32

A number of new and refined tables for the followers a fighter gains in 2nd edition at 9th level, specialized for the different fighter types of amazon, barbarian/berserker, gladiator, myrmidon, beast rider, cavalier/noble warrior, outlaw/peasant warrior, pirate, savage, swashbuckler, and wilderness warrior/samurai.[template]

The Ecology of the Black PuddingEdit

By Johnathan Richards. Artwork by Terry Dysktra. pp. 35-39

A detailed look at the black pudding, a slimy yet deadly ooze.[template]

Role-playing Reviews: A Thousand and One AdventuresEdit

By Allen Varney. pp. 48-54

A review of the Al-Qadim campaign setting as a whole and its individual products (and some others).[template]

Al-Qadim productsEdit

Arabian AdventuresLand of FateCity of DelightsGolden VoyagesAssassin MountainA Dozen and One AdventuresRuined KingdomsCorsairs of the Great SeaCaravansCities of BoneSecrets of the LampThe Complete Sha'ir's Handbook

The Wizards Three: Warmer Than ExpectedEdit

By Ed Greenwood. Artwork by Dan Burr. pp. 90-98

The archmages Elminster, Mordenkainen of Oerth and Dalamar of Krynn meet again near Ed Greenwood's house, this time contending with Shaaan, the Serpent-Queen.[template]

Magic ItemEdit

Floating Helm of Tharandos


HandfangsFarscryDauntra's cloakTranslocation shiftTemporal FreedomBrainblaze

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