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Dragon issue 229 was released in May of 1997. Its overarching topic was "Specialist Wizardry". It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

A Wizards' ThreeEdit

By Chris Perry. Artwork by Scott Rosema. pp. 40-45

This article presents the frost wizard, a special elemental specialist wizard, and two new wizard kits, the fiend slayer and the spiritualist, all for the 2nd edition.[template]

School of magicEdit

School of elemental cold


Chillsnow treadfreezefireice clawsice magicsummon ice mephitsLaruin's Blinding Blizzard


Lower Plane Knowledge

The Dimensional WizardEdit

By Barry A. A. Dillinger. Artwork by Fred Fields. pp. 50-52

This article features the dimensionalist, a wizard specializing in spells dealing with the planes.[template]


Mask lightethereal walk

Campaign Classics: Wu-jen: the Oriental mage revisitedEdit

By David "Zeb" Cook. Artwork by Jim Holloway. pp. 54-58

This article updates the wu jen from Oriental Adventures for the 2nd edition.[template]


Elemental turningfire breathinternal firestsunami

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