Dragon issue 242 was released in December of 1997. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Jest the Wizards ThreeEdit

By Ed Greenwood. Artwork by David Day. pp. 48-52

Elminster meets with archmage Mordenkainen and his lady apprentice Rautheene of Oerth in Ed Greenwood's house, this time exchanging small but useful spells and glamers designed for deception and trickery.[template]


CoinsharpFalse Ioun StoneHitherWizard GongEchoFingerbladeNextremitySortil's Aqueous TransferSpy

Wyrms of the North: Iymrith, the Dragon of the StatuesEdit

By Ed Greenwood. Artwork by Storn Cook. pp. 54-58

This article describes the female blue dragon Iymrith, who resides in the western Anauroch, protected by her army of gargoyles.[template]


Flame sandsForce burn

In the Bleak DeepwinterEdit

By Lynn Abbey. Artwork by Susan Van Camp. pp. 62-71

In this short fiction, the wizardress Rekka, who may be a younger Simbul, learns something about love while hunting for lost magical treasures of Netheril in the deep of winter.[template]


CaddoBurrRekkaIrmenthelorYnsarehal • mentioned only: Ffellsil


Lonely MoorForgotten ForestFfellsil's caveNetherilSea of SwordsWinterwood • mentioned only: Urmlaspyr


Mentioned only: Geas

Bazaar of the Bizarre: Magical Allies of the FORGOTTEN REALMS SettingEdit

By Bruce Schmidt. Artwork by Chris Adams. pp. 72-75

Four unique figurine of wondrous power-like items in the vein of Drizzt Do'Urden's Guenhwyvar.[template]

Magic itemsEdit

Harashuin's Spirit AllyQuixoro's Knightly SteedThe Urn of the Blue VishapLycaeonorukke


MedallionSaluuknirSilver Wolf

Arcane Lore: Magic of Sight and SoundEdit

By Lloyd Brown. Artwork by David Kooharian. pp. 76-80

The spellbook of Morion, master bard from Faerûn, contains many specially researched spells that use light and sound to good effect.[template]


ApparitionChromatic crownChromatic rodSize disguiseCaptain's voiceChorus of valorHostile imagesHypnotic harmoniesMuteDirge of despondencyRumbleShrieker wailSilent passageInspirational themeProtection from lightEcholocationInfrared lightOtto's triple chimePrismatic shellAria of peace

The Dragon's Bestiary: Talisman ServantsEdit

By Bruce Schmidt. Artwork by Steve Bryant. pp. 82-85

This article presents three talisman servants, special constructs created in ancient Netheril.[template]


Caravan servantGladiator servantMystran servant

The Ecology of the MongrelmanEdit

By Johnathan M. Richards. Artwork by Terry Dysktra. pp. 86-94

A detailed look at the mongrelmen, who show an amalgamation of characteristics from different humanoid species, and including expanded information for mongrelmam PCs.[template]


Mongrelman infiltrator

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