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Dragon issue 250 was released in October of 1998. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Heroes of the SeaEdit

By James Wyatt. Artwork by Bob Klasnich. pp. 26-35

This article gives information for player character races from the depths of the sea in emulation of the The Complete Book of Humanoids.[template]



Warships of the SeaEdit

By Keith Francis Strohm. Artwork by Roger Raupp, David Kooharian, and Diesel. pp. 44-52

This article expands upon Of Ships and the Sea with information about more modern sailing ships, rules for cannons and a glossary of nautical terms.[template]


Brigantine • CarrackCutter • Fluyt • Frigate • Galleass • Galleon • Lugger • Pinnace • Sloop

Wyrms of the North: Nymmurh, The Wyrm Who WatchesEdit

By Ed Greenwood. Artwork by Storn Cook. pp. 80-84

This article describes the ancient bronze dragon Nymmurh, the mysterious Wyrm Who Watches, who had particular ties to a noble Waterdhavian family.[template]



Arcane Lore: Secrets of the Arch-GeomancerEdit

By Paul Fraser. Artwork by Steven Schwartz. pp. 92-94

This article reveals magical secrets of the geomancer Tisan Balshareska and her spellbook, the Kitab al-Asfr, from Al-Qadim's Ruined Kingdoms region.[template]


Dusting the RockCone of EarthEntombment

Profiles: Tracy HickmanEdit

By Allen Varney. p. 120

A profile of author Tracy Hickman and his projects.[template]

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