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Dragon magazine 259 was released in May 1999.


Stolen DreamsEdit

By Elaine Cunningham. Illustrated by Russell Walks.

A short story set at the Friendly Arms Inn.[template]

Rogues Gallery: Dream SpheresEdit

By Elaine Cunningham. Illustrated by David Day.

In the City of Splendors, a word can cut more deeply than a knife.[template]


Dragon's Bestiary: Symbiotes and ParasitesEdit

By Johnathan M. Richards. Illustrated by Brad McDevitt.

Hold still... you've got something on you.[template]


Wyrms of the North: ZundaerazylymEdit

By James Wyatt. Illustrated by Carlo Arellano.

This steel dragon's secrets could spell the North's salvation—or its doom.[template]


Bazaar of the Bizarre: Sleep on ItEdit

By Drew Karpyshyn. Illustrated by Jim Crabtree.

For the weary adventurer, a selection of the finest in pillows, blankets, and bedrolls.[template]

Magical itemsEdit

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