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Dragon magazine 272 was released in June 2000.


The King and Queen of Dragons: Bahamut & TiamatEdit

By Skip Williams. Illustrated by Carl Critchlow.

Bahamut and Tiamat return for the 3rd Ediditon D&D game, exlusively in these pages.[template]


How to Talk to a DragonEdit

By Robin D. Laws. Illustrated by Dave Dorman.

One wrong word, and it’s time to make a saving throw.[template]

Arcane Lore: Dragon Dweomers IVEdit

By Robert S. Mullin. Illustrated by John Matson.

As if dragons weren't deadly enough, here are even more spells with which they can crush those meddling heroes.[template]


Dragon's Bestiary: Diminutive DragonsEdit

By James Wyatt. Illustrated by Carlo Arellano.

From the familiar to the fantastic, these tiny dragons make perfect companions or pests.[template]


The Ecology of the HydraEdit

By Johnathan M. Richards. Illustrated by David Day.

The secrets of a classic monster, now updated for a sneak preview of the 3rd Edition game.[template]

The New Adventures of Volo: Quotations of the RealmsEdit

By Ed Greenwood. Illustrated by Ron Spencer.

A collection of quotes from around the Realms delivered by Volothamp Geddarm.[template]

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