Dragon issue 315, Classic Campaigns, was released in January 2004. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Sin Eaters of EilistraeeEdit

By James Jacobs.p. 28

The faithful of Eilistraee are known throughout the Realms for their devotion to the arts of dancing and song, to the moonlit hunt, and to various graceful styles of sword fighting. Yet one aspect of the Dark Maiden's faith that is often overlooked by outsiders is her stance against the unsaved drow of the Underdark.

Prestige classesEdit


The Exiled FactionsEdit

By David Noonan. Illustrated by Kalman Andrasofszky.p. 44

A crucial organizing principle in the PLANESCAPE campaign setting is the idea of factions: groups of like-minded creatures who've banded together to support an ideal—often an abstract or philosophical one. Fifteen such factions called the city of Sigil home, and many adventures revolved around the factions' intrigues and rivalries.




Prestige classesEdit

Ancient Feats and Martial Arts StylesEdit

By James Wyatt. Illustrated by Jason Engle.p. 61

Oriental Adventures adds depth and detail to the human race by presenting seven clans, each with its own set of ancestor feats, prestige classes, favored class and additional class skills, and of course, cultural and historical background. Of course, the lands of Kara-Tur do not have the same clans as Rokugan.

The Return of the Sha'irEdit

By Dean Poisso. Illustrated by Kennon James.p. 78

Al-Qadim, the legendary Land of Fate, rises like an ancient flower from the southern oceans of Toril. Although few travelers from Faerûn ever reach this fabled land, tales abound of its exotic inhabitants.[template]



The New (Fantasy) WorldEdit

By David Schwartz. Illustrated by Dave McClellan.p. 94

Far across the ocean lies a nation few have ever seen. In some ways, this nation is like most others with which adventurers are familiar.

Prestige classesEdit


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