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Dragon magazine 362 was released in 2008, in digital format only.

Countdown to the Realms: Year of the Ageless OneEdit

By Rich Baker.

The Realms of 1479 DR.[template]

Countdown to the Realms: Magic in the Forgotten RealmsEdit

By Bruce R. Cordell (as "Bruce Cordell").

An article on magic after the Spellplague.[template]

Countdown to the Realms: Spellplague: The Wailing YearsEdit

By Brian R. James (as "Brian James").

A description of the events of the Spellplague.[template]

Elder Evils: ShothragotEdit

By Robert J. Schwalb. Illustrated by Ryan Barger.

A description of the elder evil Shothragot.[template]

Grand History of the Realms: The MoonshaesEdit

By Brian R. James.

A history of the Moonshaes.[template]

The Eye of Madness: Tyrants of the FeydarkEdit

By Chris Youngs.

Some of the creatures found in the Feydark.[template]

The Wailing DwarfEdit

By Bruce R. Cordell.

Some history of the colossus in the Troll Mountains

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