Dragon issue 365 was released in PDF format only in July of 2008. It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:

Playtest: ArtificerEdit

By Logan Bonner. p. 5

This article gives a preliminary set of class features, powers, and magic items for the Battlesmith build of the Artificer class prior to its official release in the Eberron Player's Guide.[template]

Backdrop: CormyrEdit

By Brian R. James. p. 16

This article details the post-Spellplague geography of the Kingdom of Cormyr, including statistics for the capital of Suzail. It covers information on the history, society, government, military, commoners, and adventuring companies of that country. It includes maps and a timeline. It also provides rules for two new paths:[template]

Ecology of the DragonbornEdit

By Chris Sims. p. 25

This article provides details on the dragonborn race.[template]

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